What We Offer

SAGEBRUSH TIPIS are primarily made in the Cheyenne or Sioux style, which have a 3-pole base. I can also make, by request, the Blackfoot or Crow style, which have a 4-pole base (these are priced slightly higher). All Sagebrush Tipis are constructed of durable, premium-grade materials and all stress points are reinforced with leather or extra canvas layers for lasting strength. My experience, skill and attention to detail are hallmarks of the finest quality Tipis available on the market today.

These sizes are an average diameter. The Cheyenne and Sioux style Tipis create an egg-shaped area when pitched, so I take the ground measurements from front-to-back and from side-to-side, and average the two. For example: For a “16-foot” Lodge, the front-to-back measures 17.5 feet, and from side-to-side measures 15 feet. I take the average diameter and call this a 16-foot. ***Not all Tipi-makers use this formula....some use only the front-to-back measurement and “round it up”. So the 17.5 feet is rounded up and sold as an “18-foot”, but it would be the same size as my 16-foot. When comparison shopping, always ask how the Lodge is measured for size. This sizing difference makes the pricing appear higher for my Tipis. For an accurate comparison, look at the price for the next size larger at another company.

The Full Package and Basic Package are detailed below. The Cover, Liner or Poles can also be ordered separately. (The "Cover Only" option includes Hardware). For those folks wanting to provide their own Poles, Stakes and Lacing Pins, my detailed Instruction Guide gives valuable information about preparing these yourself.

THERE IS A 75% DEPOSIT required to place an order. The remaining balance plus shipping/handling charges must be paid prior to shipment. I accept payment in the form of Cash, Postal Money Order, Personal Check, or PayPal.

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE and do not include Shipping&Handling. PLEASE NOTE: Canvas items are shipped via UPS Ground, and a rate quote will be provided on request.  For customers local to Northeast Washington/North Idaho region, arrangements can be made for pick-up or personal delivery and set-up. For customers outside the Inland Northwest region, poles are shipped via Freight Line.


* 12.65-ounce SUNFORGER MARINE™~ This 100% Cotton Canvas Sailcloth is the long-time standard in Tipi-making. It is very durable, pre-shrunk and treated to resist water and mildew.

* 16-ounce Natural Hemp Canvas~ This 100% Hemp Canvas is untreated, making it a beautiful, non-toxic alternative. It is not suitable for year-round use or damp climate unless you treat it with water-proofing or paint it. (READ MORE about Hemp on my Blog Page).

TREATED POLES~ We can treat your poles with HEMP SHIELD™ Natural Deck Oil, a non-toxic formula which gives superior protection from the sun's UV rays, while also providing resistance to mildew and rot in damp climates. Allow extra delivery time. Inquire for pricing.

I ALSO OFFER~ Canvas Floor-cloths, Ozans (Winter ceiling), Sweat Lodge Covers, and CUSTOM CANVAS YURT COVERS. Inquire for more information and pricing.

For children 3 yrs.+

For children 3 yrs.+

Meet my newest Baby!

Meet my newest Baby!

***NEWLY AVAILABLE~Summer 2015~   I am now offering a Wonderful 6-foot size Children's Tipi !! Made from NATURAL 16-ounce Hemp, includes cover, door-flap, all hardware and poles. Priced @ $375.00 + S/H. This sweet little Lodge has all the quality details that SAGEBRUSH TIPI is known for, with child-safety features built in!   (click on image to see larger view).


This package includes:                                                                                                                                     • Cover
• Door Flap
• Poles
• Anchor Rope
• Lacing Pins
• Stakes
• Storage Bag
• Instructions on Disc

If you want the full benefits of 3- or 4-season Tipi use, if you live in the northern climates or plan to spend extended periods of time in the Tipi, then I strongly encourage this choice which includes the Liner.


This package includes:
• Cover
• Door Flap
• Poles
• Anchor Rope
• Lacing Pins
• Stakes
• Storage Bag
• Instructions on Disc

This option is perfect for those who will be using the Tipi mainly during the summer months, when a canvas liner is not so necessary. It is an economical way for you to get started with Tipi living. A liner can be purchased separately at a later time if desired.

Size Full Package Basic Package  
  12.65-oz. Sunforger Marine ®    
9' $740 $510  
12' $1,350 $935  
14' $1,625 $1,130  
16' $1,950 $1,375  
18' $2,285 $1,650  
20' $2,800 $2,075  
22' $3,225 $2,425  
24' $3,850 $2,850  
  Full Package Basic Package  
  16-ounce Natural Hemp    
9' $865 $585  
12' $1,575 $1,075  
14' $1,925 $1,325  
16' $2,300 $1,600  
18' $2,700 $1,900  
20' $3,350 $2,400  
Size Cover only Liner only Poles Only  
  12.65-oz. Sunforger Marine ®      
9' $345 $230 $165  
12' $700 $415 $235  
14' $855 $495 $275  
16' $1,025 $575 $350  
18' $1,250 $635 $400  
20' $1,550 $725 $525  
22' $1,775 $800 $650  
24' $2,100 $1,000 $750  
  Cover only Liner only Poles Only  
  16-ounce Natural Hemp      
9' $420 $280 $165  
12' $840 $500 $235  
14' $1,050 $600 $275  
16' $1,250 $700 $350  
18' $1,500 $800 $400  
20' $1,875 $950 $525